Pie Carrier (Mardi Gras)

  • Pie Carrier (Mardi Gras)

Pie Carrier (Mardi Gras)

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The Pie Carrier, with its eye-catching design and colorful prints, is completely insulated to maintain the pie's temperature. Made with a laminated printed canvas exterior and a bright colored interior, the Pie Carrier is made to fit a standard 9-10 inch diameter pie dish and up to 4 3/8 inch tall. No need to worry about the pie’s precious crust in transit, the interior features a non-skid surface to prevent the pie from sliding. The zipper is placed close to the bottom of the carrier to allow easy access to the pie when you want to pull it out. The Pie Carrier is also great for transporting quiche, cheesecake, tarts, bundt cakes, or other dishes prepared in a round, baking dish.

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Dimensions Fits a standard 9 to 10 inch round dish
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Also available in the following Patterns:

Pie Carrier (St. Charles)
Pie Carrier (Magnolia)

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